Sametime 12

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Customizing Sametime 12

In file custom.env add the following

REACT_APP_PRODUCT_LOGO=/images/branding/my-logo.jpg # Change login logo
REACT_APP_MEETING_BANNER_IMAGE=/images/branding/my-logo.jpg # Change meetings logo
REACT_APP_MEETING_BACKGROUND_IMAGE=/images/branding/my-theme.jpg # Change meetings background

The image files needs to be placed in sametime-config/web/branding/. You can place your favicon.ico file there as well

Sametime 12 awareness in HCL Verse

Adding your own company branding in sametime 12

  1. In file custom.env set


  2. Export your LTPA token from WebSphere. See Here

  3. Copy the LTPA token file from WebSphere to your Sametime server

  4. In file .env set


  5. In file docker-compose.yml set


Sametime 12 Start/Stop Script

I have written a script for starting and stopping the sametime containers. The script is for Sametime 12 on Docker.
It can be found here:

git clone

Please note that my sametime folder is placed in /opt. So if yours is placed elsewhere, then change the sametime_dir="/opt/sametime" variable to your needs